30 Before 30: The Original List

September 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

Well I have finally done it, I made my list! 30 things I want to do before turning 30. I will be updating my progress along the way. I am pretty excited about my list and am looking forward to marking things off one by one!

30 Before 30

1. Make a 30 before 30 list (I know it’s cheating that’s why the list goes to 31 lol)

2. Grow my hair out to my waist

3. Get my family tattoo

4. Finish my novel

5. Go out of the country to one of the places on my wish list to visit

6. Be able to eat all organic

7. Take a baking/cake class

8. Start/get involved with a ministry to teach people to transition to a green life

9. Run at least one 5k every year (pregnancy depending)

10. Be debt FREE!

11. Plant a vegetable garden (and actually succeed)

12. Finally go skiing

13. Have a successful blog

14. Have two more kids

15. Go on a mission trip

16. Read 30 books

17. Read the Bible all the way through

18. Go parasailing

19. Pay for a strangers meal at a restaurant

20. Be in a play

21. See a movie at the drive in (I seriously have never done this)

22. Find my favorite brand of all natural make up

23. Try a really fancy bottle of wine

24. Eat at/pick produce from an all organic farm

25. Go to a dinner show

26. Perfect homemade Pad Thai (this one is for Chase)

27. Finally decorate our bedroom

28. Finish scrapbook (you seriously have no idea how long this has taken me!)

29. Actually start and complete a knitting project

30. Watch and stay awake for the entire movie, Stand by me (I have attempted and failed twice)

31. Play Christmas carols for a family sing along on the piano