Pretty in Pink

March 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

Well I have another item on my 30 before 30 list to cross off!! What is it? Oh just number22…. find my favorite brand of all natural make up. I am super excited about this because I tossed my make up in July after finding out how toxic most make up is in the stores. I attempted a brand that I was not to happy with but I can officially say that I have

found the brand, well actually two. Everyday Minerals and Honeybee Gardens are my two favorite brands! I have two because first off they are amazing but also they each carry certain items the other does not offer so they are complimentary to each other. They are both safe, all natural, nontoxic and Everyday Minerals is also vegan. I order all my makeup except mascara from Everyday Minerals and I ordered mascara and nail polish from Honeybee Gardens. The nail polish is great and you don’t even have to buy nail polish remover to take it off, all you need is rubbing alcohol! I thought that was pretty cool since that is in most peoples medicine cabinets. With all that said I have been extremely pleased with my purchases from these companies, they are amazing quality and the same prices you would pay in the store for typical brands like Cover Girl. If your in the market to try new make up you should consider these brands, I love them! One more thing crossed off my list… which one to cross off next? :)