Teach Me to be Green

March 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

Time for another item to be crossed off that 30 before 30 list! Number 8, Start/get involved with a ministry to teach people to transition to a green life. When I wrote this particular goal I wasn’t exactly sure what it looked like or how I wanted to do this. The longer I thought about it I really just wanted to find a way to help people to see how easy it is to make small changes that are better for ourselves and our environment, we don’t have to make big changes to make a lasting difference. With that in mind a while ago I joined Green Oklahoma as a contributing writer. I decided that this was a great way for me to get the word out, share what I know as well as gain knowledge from other people who know more. If you haven’t checked out the site you should give it a look. Now this makes for the third item crossed off my list… which item will be next?