Why I Hate Crop Tops

April 13, 2015


Have you noticed the trend for this coming summer fashion? Crop tops… everywhere! I went into one of my favorite stores the other day and literally every shirt in their store was cropped. I was so frustrated. Not everyone wants to bare their belly for the world to see. (Yes I have worn a crop top with a cute long tank top underneath. But I usually find it annoying while wearing it and I definitely do not want my wardrobe made up of shirts I can’t wear by themselves. One or two max is sufficient for me.)

What’s with this trend? I thought that the first couple times we said goodbye to the crop top that we all were like “oh good, it’s about time that style left!” yet it keeps reappearing. Fashion designers, seriously, what’s the deal? And to the buyers of each company in charge of setting the trends for us shoppers, how about one longer shirt in your store, any takers? No, well thanks for making me less than thrilled about your season of clothes. I’ll see you again in the fall.

I’m not trying to put anyone down who chooses to wear a crop top. That is your choice, however for me, a wife and mother I personally do not want to wear this shirt style and here is why:

  1. You are paying the same price as a full shirt only to cover half your torso. That is just ridiculous! For $30 I would like my entire torso clothed please!
  2. As a mom I want to teach my kids that modesty is beautiful, and that modesty doesn’t mean boring or fashion-less.
  3. I’m not a fan of wearing something that has the potential for a muffin top. I’m good, thanks!
  4. Too short a shirt and the ever popular mid to low-rise jeans are not a good combination. We have all seen the unfortunate instance when someone has sat down and there is not enough shirt to hide their hiney. I will gladly be avoiding this problem by not wearing those silly crop tops.
  5. I’m tall. So when I put on a crop top, it simply looks like I don’t know how to wash clothes properly and I just shrunk my shirt.
  6. On the other hand it can also look like I went shopping in the junior’s section.
  7. I know my husband and his preference of style. He loves when I get all dolled up or even when I am comfy with a pony tail. But either way, I want him as comfortable with the way that I dress as I am comfortable. Respecting him is just another way for me to show my love for him.
  8. Where are the eyes drawn to? If I’m wearing a top where my belly is out, then that is where the eyes are drawn and that is just something I am not interested in. I would rather people be drawn to my eyes.
  9. Frankly put, these shirts are meant to be sexy. Who are you trying to be sexy for anyway? I’m personally not comfortable with wearing something so specifically intended for sexy and walking around town. Modesty can be sexy. Just saying.
  10. It’s simply not a shirt, I mean it is only half of one.