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Road trips…. enough said, right? I remember growing up taking long road trips to California to visit family. The vacation once we got there was always a blast but the traveling just felt like torture. It never started out that way either, it was so exciting pulling out of the driveway and heading towards vacation, we would play games, listen to music, snack and of course talk. Eventually though these things would get boring and then the car ride fighting would begin. There was always the classic “your on my side” or “are we there yet?” My poor parents! Of course I think every parent heard a version of this.

Eli may not be old enough for the classic questions and fighting with siblings (of course he doesn’t have one yet) but even at his age he can still let us know how he feels about the long car ride. Last weekend we went with my husband’s family to visit his grandparents. We caravanned, a girl car and boy car with each car  having a baby, Eli and my nephew Mason. The trip is only supposed to take about 5 1/2 hours but with two cars, two babies and lots of adults it took much  longer, almost 7 hours. The boys really did do such a great job, they were real troopers but by half way into the trip heading home both boys were over the car and just wanted to be home. Eli was tired, my poor nephew wasn’t feeling very good and they were exhausted from all the fun they had at their great grandparents house. Eli wouldn’t go to sleep and none of his toys were making him happy, the one thing that made him happy was me rubbing his ear (he usually rubs his own ear when he is tired). Like I said earlier, he may not be old enough to constantly ask if we are there yet but he had no problem communicating his feelings with us. No matter what it was a good weekend with family and the boys really did such a great job. Flexibility and patience are the best thing for family road trips. There are so many road trips we want to take our kids on as our family grows so the vacation adventures have only just begun!

Photo Credit: Emlyn Stokes

If you haven’t heard of Plumb then you will really enjoy this! The song I picked today is Drifting by Plumb and she has such a great voice, it is so pure and beautiful and the lyrics are always deep. I could write a long paragraph saying how great this song is but I have actually found a trailer for the song, which is the first video you see. The trailer talks a little about what the song is about and how we are all not alone. Hope you enjoy!

Drifting by Plumb 

There’s a sea of lonely,
Swimming sad,
Looking just for
An arm to grab.
I don’t need to
I’m just lending you
The two that I have.

You might be drifting
And can’t find the shore,
So Hopeless
And all alone.
The waves are crashing
All around you.
Just when you’ve lost the will to live
You see the sun.

[Verse 2:]
Can we make a searchlight
From all the bridges that we burn?
Do you see a rescue
Or a deeper kind of hurt?
Who could love you?
Who could hold you?
I’d swim across the sea.
You don’t have to be alone
Where the shallow gets so deep.


I am hurt and nearly drown.
Open up your eyes.
I cry for help. You turn around.
Open up your eyes.
Farther from the shore,
Or you’ll be farther from the shore.
I am hurt and nearly drown.
You’re not alone.
I cry for help. You turn around.
I’m not letting go.
Farther from the shore,
So you’re not
Farther from the shore.



“God walks with us. He scoops us up in His arms or simply sits with us in silent strength until we cannot avoid the awesome recognition that yes, even now, He is there.” Gloria Gaither

Isn’t it funny how your child is sick, has certain symptoms but when you take them to the doctor they act fine! Friday we took Eli to the doctor. He had some congestion, a cough and battled a low fever on and off. What happens when we take him in? He is all smiles and doesn’t cough once… until we are putting him in his car seat! Why didn’t he just do one cough like that in the office? Well, needless to say he went back to the doctor today. As the weekend went on the cough has progressed and so has the snots. This time he actually coughed in the office…. wow! After two appointments, one where they finally got to hear the yucky cough we did not get any different of a diagnosis. He just caught a small virus and should be on the tail end of it and thankfully she said that all of his breathing looks and sounds good. Yay! Glad to hear that my little boy should be feeling better soon.

I don’t know about how things are around your place when one of your little ones isn’t feeling good. For us it has been a lot of naps, cuddling up on the couch and taking it easy. There is no question if Eli isn’t feeling well when he curls up on our laps and sits sucking his thumb content. Normally he is on the move, constantly playing, so that was for sure not his normal and we knew he wasn’t feeling himself. Both Chase and I agree though, we will take the cuddles when we can get them. Yesterday evening Eli cuddled up and took a nap in Chase’s arms. Simply precious! It really did melt my heart to look over and see father and son cuddling up. Sometimes when kiddos don’t feel so good all they want is mommy or daddy to hold them, it makes everything all better again. The same goes for God. Things are always better when He holds us. Doesn’t necessarily mean circumstances change, just like a baby who is sick isn’t automatically well just by being in a parents arms. Things don’t have to be magically fixed for us to just feel better, comforted. Living life in God’s hands is always better than living on our own!


Todays post is from a guest blogger, Michelle Clark. She has her own blog you should also check out, Miss Banana Pants. She’s a great writer with an awesome sense of humor and tells the truth exactly how it is. For example, I read the other day on facebook a status update talking about rolling a fitted sheet into a ball after failing to fold it. I laughed out loud because I SO do that and never even thought about whether other people would call that normal! So with that, I will give you her post…


Ever had one of those days when your child decides to pick their nose in public, then offers his “finds” to the person behind you in the Wal-Mart check-out line? Or how about one of those days when your toddler asks why it’s okay for you to spank him, but it’s not okay for him to spank his friends? How about one of those days when you try to change a “questionable” diaper in the car, only to realize at the wrong moment that your toddler wasn’t finished with said “questionable business” and thus, proceeds to “finish” all over the front seat and your new Miss Me jeans? As crazy (and disgusting) as all those scenarios sound, I had them ALL 3 this morning. That’s right…’s Wednesday, but REALLY, it might as well have been another Monday for me. Usually things like this only happen on that one dreaded day of the week.  I just want to shower, to go back to bed, and start over….

But I press on. I AM supermom, you know! I do have it all together and all is under control. At least I like to pretend so. Because even after mornings like the one I just had, that’s what you do. You run into a fellow mom at the mall or supermarket who asks you how things are going. You respond, “Fantastic!” ……..LIE. “Pretending” sounds much more innocent, but that’s not what’s going on here. Cause we’re ALL liars. Every last over-achieving one of us. ALL MOMS ARE LIARS.


We would all like you to think we are the best of the best at all things “parenting”, when, in reality we are just giving you our own opinions and experiences. Those “experiences” are foggy though, but we force our two-cents on other moms so that they won’t know that we have had gruesome, normal, Mommy-mornings like the one I just had. Let me give you an example of our good intentions gone bad:


You: “Oh, your daughter isn’t sleeping through the night? That must be awful. My son has always been a good sleeper. He sleeps like, 12 hours now. It’s kind of crazy.”


Your intention:  I want this person to know that sleep IS possible.  That one day it’s all going to work out and she’ll have a fantastic night’s sleep. We’re all in this together!


How she’s taking it:  I’m a failure.  I’m never going to sleep again.  My life is over.  I hate myself.  My roots are growing in and my footwear is horrendous.


See how easily your good intentions have been misunderstood? But here’s the thing you’re forgetting:


You’re LYING. Again.


You don’t mean to. And yes, we do believe that your child is sort of sleeping but it took you a heck of a long time to make that happen and you forgot to mention that. You crossed out that little tidbit of info in your maternal memory bank because you don’t want to remember how you lost clumps of your hair and consistently told your husband that he was a douche face. You were stressed! Not sleeping is a form a torture. Look what happened to Lady Macbeth! Who wants to remember how hard it was when you can focus your energy on how awesome you feel that you only wake up once or twice now (which technically isn’t sleeping through the night, but never mind.)


So here’s the up side: Anytime another mother gives you information about her life that in turn makes you feel like you are FAILING MISERABLY as a parent just whisper under your breath: “she’s lying”.   Because it’s true. She is lying. But not just to you, also to herself. And she doesn’t even know it. (And even if she’s not – who cares – you’ll feel better) So forgive her for not remembering what really happened and find comfort in the fact that there is a chemical in our brains that eliminates pain memory.


Because one day it WILL all work out. You will go to sleep and you will leave the house without Cheerios in your hair. You will once again find the matching socks to wear instead of matching a pair that just look kinda sorta similar. And, yes, you will one day wear a bra without flaps on the front – a bra that keeps your boobs pointing UP and not DOWN.


But at this point you should probably just offer to buy her a coffee because, seriously, you both deserve it. Just think how different life would have been for Lady Macbeth had someone just given her a hug and offered to buy her a mocha latte. A lot less drama that’s for sure.


Why aren’t we honest? Why can’t we say, “Well, I’m doing alright, minus getting pooped on, spit all over, and overcoming the constant public humiliation that my toddler puts me through on a daily basis. Thank you for asking.” We don’t have to be supermoms. We also don’t have to have better kids than every other mom out there. The more honest we are with each other, the more we can learn to survive this crazy journey of motherhood. Let’s hold our tongues and hold each other up more often. We’re all in this together, clothes stained with poop and all. You know it’s true.

The last couple of days have been a little busy, which is why I haven’t had the chance to make a new post. My husband works for and it was the annual family reunion where all the staff and spouses come together to fellowship and worship God, it was great! So glad I was able to be there. If you have followed some of the latest posts a continuing theme that has started in my family is the calling God has placed on our lives to be debt free. This is an overwhelming and in a way scary thing because we really don’t know exactly how that looks for us. How He is going to make it happen. But, I know that it will. Between last weekend at church and then this week at the family reunion there are two key points that have been placed on my heart. The first is that God is in control no matter what! The second is that we dream to small! God can do far more than we could ever dream! Chase and I dream to be debt free, not only that but we dream to do this in five years. We have no idea how that will happen, but He does because His dreams are far bigger than ours! We sang this song last weekend at church after a long conversation Chase and I had about our finances. I could not get past the first verse before breaking into tears! It truly said what was on my heart. The first video is how the song was written and the second is the full song.

God I look to You by Jenn Johnson

God I look to You, I wont be overwhelmed
Give me vision to see things like You do
God I look to You, Youre where my help comes from
Give me wisdom; You know just what to do

I will love You Lord my strength
I will love You Lord my shield
I will love You Lord my rock forever
All my days I will love You God

Hallelujah our God reigns
Hallelujah our God reigns
Hallelujah our God reigns forever
All my days Hallelujah