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Little guy watching cartoons while sick

The stomach bug has made its appearance in our home. It all started on Wednesday when I got a call from Eli’s preschool saying that he was sick. I picked him up and decided that since he had this bug it would be good to have some pedialyte in the house for him. With us being a one car family and Chase was already at work I figured now was the best time to go get it because we were already out and what if he got worse later in the day and it wouldn’t be practical to get back out. So with that I pulled into the neighborhood Wal-Mart that was on our way home and headed inside. I didn’t make it two steps inside before he started throwing up, yes I am aware that this might be to much of a painted picture for some… but hey, we are all moms so we all deal with this. Anyways, I managed to keep everything contained and not get any on the floor, you’re welcome Wal-Mart! I darted for the bathroom where he could finish throwing up, because yes it was still coming. After that I cleaned up the mess we made and cleaned us up the best possible and then decided that although I seemed to be a little like superwoman just then, I would like some help. This would be when I called Chase explaining to him everything that happened and asked him if I could swing by his office, grab him to help us get home and then he could go out and get the pedialyte while I cleaned Eli and I up. The awesome hubby that he is was watching for me out his office window and came right out as soon as I pulled up. He then managed to help us get inside, cleaned up and went to the store and back all before returning back to work. What a blessing that man is!

I call my Wal-Mart trip my worst decision ever! I mean it seemed like the best idea at the time, what else was I supposed to do? Being a one car family and I had the car this was the most logical idea, or so it seemed to me. I know that I can’t be the only one who made a similar terrible decision that at the time seemed so great. If you are reading this and saying how crazy this entire situation is then you probably have never been puked on, well your day will come. Trust me! Every parent will get this experience, mine just happened to be in public. For the rest of you, your probably reading this with a slight chuckle in your throat because you have experienced something very similar yourself. Then there are probably some of you reading this that do not have kids yet and I totally just grossed you out. Don’t worry, puke is puke, it is gross no matter what, BUT when it is your kid the gross factor is secondary to their helplessness and their need for you. So if you don’t have kids yet, don’t fret because when your day comes you will be able to handle yourself like superwoman, that is just what moms do in these situations!

And just to add a side note, in the time it took to finish this post Chase has now come down with the stomach bug as well, I guess it’s only time before superwoman gets it too…

Spare change… I hate carrying around spare change. It always seems to fall out and into the bottom of my purse, not to mention it always seems to be predominately pennies. Am I right? For a while now we have gotten into the habit of having a bag, and I mean an old Wal-mart or ziplock bag, in the laundry room where we toss the change in when we come home. The theory behind the idea was that it not only got the change off our hands but it created a “rainy day” play fund. I can’t tell you how many times I dug out enough money to get ice cream… and yes I was that customer that went through the Braum’s drive thru and paid $6.75 in change! It all spends right?

Well, tonight Chase decided that he wanted some ice cream and as we started digging out the change he decided we needed to take our coins into the counter in Homeland and get them traded out for cash. After having the coins counted we ended us with $40 cash! Seriously! While this may not seem like a lot of money to some people I find it rather amusing that we accumulated $40 in change in our laundry room! It’s amazing what time and patience can acquire! With that we went to Braum’s and treated ourselves to the joy of ice cream, okay well I absolutely love ice cream so it was plenty exciting for me!

Photo Credit: Neil Conway