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With Mother’s Day tomorrow I think about my sweet little boy and the joy that he brings to our family. Mommy’s work is a constant… changing diapers, washing diapers (we use cloth), making meals, laundry, hugs when he needs it most, story time and the list could go on, but I wouldn’t change it for anything! Not every day is perfect, in fact some days it feels like nothing goes right and Eli woke up in a mood, but again it changes nothing. I love every minute of being a mommy. Right now at his young age he doesn’t realize what Mother’s Day is, and that is okay because I know that he loves me! So with all that said I want to give my little one a blessing for his future. I pray that in all my efforts, in every day mommy work I encourage and inspire him to be creative, be filled with passion, to seek God’s word daily and sprint towards God’s plans for his life.

With Mother’s Day approaching and everyone around us reflects on the work of moms what do you hope your children learn from your life? What blessing do you have for them?


I wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! 

Every parent wants the best for their children in all aspects of their lives, including the safest and healthiest products for them. So many items on the shelves are believed to be good, safe products for our children but in reality many times that is not the case. All parents have to decide what they will do about that situation, for some it could be homemade baby food, organic food, cloth diapers, all natural soaps etc. Just last week I stumbled across a new company founded by Jessica Alba (who is also the spokes person for the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families organization). The company is The Honest Company. Their products are natural, safe, eco-friendly and affordable! The bonus is that they are delivered right to your door! I haven’t tried the products yet, but intend to, I just want to make sure to pass on any new information I get about affordable natural products to other parents who might be interested, because if your like me I didn’t even know about this new company until someone told me. Check out Green Oklahoma‘s page for an article I have written about The Honest Company and be sure to check out the company’s website for a free trial pack and please comment any time you come across new products, let’s share the new information with each other so we can all be aware of our choices!

“I knew it was going to be the most extraordinary thing in my life, but how powerful it is, you can never know until you have a baby.” Celine Dion

My little one is already 6 1/2 months old, I can barely believe it! It is amazing the things that you learn during such a short time. Being a first time mom everything comes with a learning curve. I still remember the first time my husband got peed, that was funny… at least for me! Each new stage with our little ones brings about exciting and new adventures, what a blessing our babies are! Every baby is different, so no one thing works for all babies. But, here is my Top 10 things learned in the past 6 months…

  1. Change the diaper quickly
  2. Not every baby wants a pacifier… some want their thumb (like mine)
  3. Everyone has advice, but mom knows the best for her baby
  4. Some babies love their car seat and go to sleep every car ride, others don’t like the car seat and do not fall asleep every car ride
  5. Every baby reaches each milestone at different times, don’t rush
  6. Using cloth diapers takes some experimenting until you find a good wash routine
  7. Babies like some foods more than others… my little one actually likes veggies more than fruit!
  8. You don’t have to have fancy equipment to make homemade baby food
  9. Never leave the house without an extra baby outfit in the diaper bag
  10. Cherish every moment because they grow up quickly!