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Little guy watching cartoons while sick

The stomach bug has made its appearance in our home. It all started on Wednesday when I got a call from Eli’s preschool saying that he was sick. I picked him up and decided that since he had this bug it would be good to have some pedialyte in the house for him. With us being a one car family and Chase was already at work I figured now was the best time to go get it because we were already out and what if he got worse later in the day and it wouldn’t be practical to get back out. So with that I pulled into the neighborhood Wal-Mart that was on our way home and headed inside. I didn’t make it two steps inside before he started throwing up, yes I am aware that this might be to much of a painted picture for some… but hey, we are all moms so we all deal with this. Anyways, I managed to keep everything contained and not get any on the floor, you’re welcome Wal-Mart! I darted for the bathroom where he could finish throwing up, because yes it was still coming. After that I cleaned up the mess we made and cleaned us up the best possible and then decided that although I seemed to be a little like superwoman just then, I would like some help. This would be when I called Chase explaining to him everything that happened and asked him if I could swing by his office, grab him to help us get home and then he could go out and get the pedialyte while I cleaned Eli and I up. The awesome hubby that he is was watching for me out his office window and came right out as soon as I pulled up. He then managed to help us get inside, cleaned up and went to the store and back all before returning back to work. What a blessing that man is!

I call my Wal-Mart trip my worst decision ever! I mean it seemed like the best idea at the time, what else was I supposed to do? Being a one car family and I had the car this was the most logical idea, or so it seemed to me. I know that I can’t be the only one who made a similar terrible decision that at the time seemed so great. If you are reading this and saying how crazy this entire situation is then you probably have never been puked on, well your day will come. Trust me! Every parent will get this experience, mine just happened to be in public. For the rest of you, your probably reading this with a slight chuckle in your throat because you have experienced something very similar yourself. Then there are probably some of you reading this that do not have kids yet and I totally just grossed you out. Don’t worry, puke is puke, it is gross no matter what, BUT when it is your kid the gross factor is secondary to their helplessness and their need for you. So if you don’t have kids yet, don’t fret because when your day comes you will be able to handle yourself like superwoman, that is just what moms do in these situations!

And just to add a side note, in the time it took to finish this post Chase has now come down with the stomach bug as well, I guess it’s only time before superwoman gets it too…

Eli has a cold. I woke up sick yesterday. It’s no fun feeling under the weather. These are the days that being super mom would come in handy. Being super mom with super strength to get through the day despite not feeling well. But, lets face the facts… that is just not how it works. As a mom if you don’t feel well you still work because our little ones still want to play and have fun. So while Eli is awake we play, watch movies and read books. When he is sleeping I rest, and that rest will hopefully help me be back to my normal self again soon. We don’t need super strength, just enough strength to play with our kids and then rest while they sleep.

As a kid I never thought about my mom needing a “sick day.” Now I understand just how much she did for me and my brother even when she wasn’t feeling her best, because she never stopped being our mom. I understand things much more now that I am a mom. I am thankful for all that my mom did for me growing up, especially the things I didn’t realize… like playing with me even if she didn’t feel well. It’s those kinds of memories that stick with you and you treasure. So I am not going to worry that I am not a super mom with super strength, I am just going to enjoy every minute with my son and remind myself that he will treasure these moments one day too!

Photo Credit: Zach Chisholm

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10 (NIV) 

“Your arm is endowed with power; your hand is strong, your right hand exalted.” Psalm 89:13 (NIV) 

When you’re a mom you can’t take sick days. I have gotten sick one other time since Eli was born, however this is the first time that both Eli and I have been sick at the same time. Thankfully I think that we are on the tail end of it. I have managed to rest when he is sleeping which has helped me to get better faster. One thing is true of kids… they may be sick, but they still keep you busy. He has crawled through the house despite his cold that he has. I am just thankfully that we both did not have anything that would last longer than it has. I started praying for me to get better as soon as I started to feel a little off and then I started praying for Eli as soon as I noticed that he was coming down with it as well. Even having something as little as a cold can really throw you off and make you feel just yucky. But, the day has to continue despite the runny nose and cough. I found myself praying a lot the last few days. I was praying that God would keep my husband from getting the cold and for him to continue to heal Eli and I, not to mention the prayers for us both to be able to get the rest we need to be able to get better. God is always so faithful! Yesterday Eli took really good naps and last night he slept great, which allowed for me to sleep well too! I think that is why we are getting better so fast. The common cold may leave me feeling yucky, but my God is bigger than that cold!