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Every child loves to make beautiful artwork, and of course we all loved the satisfaction of hanging it on the refrigerator for all to see. I never gave much thought to finger paints before, but now as a mom I think about it. I want to make sure that the paints we use are safe and also affordable, that is why I have begun to make homemade nontoxic finger paints. It’s super easy, cheap and I don’t have to worry about any chemicals. There are many recipes online that come with a variety of ingredients but don’t feel intimidated because there are so many choices that you are bound to find a recipe that will work for you. Here is the one I use…


Flour, water, food coloring (or fruit juices)


Start out with a small amount of flour (about 1/2 a cup or so) because you can alway add more later if you don’t make enough. Add enough water to make a paste then add warm water and stir until it reaches the consistency of paint. Add the food coloring and you are good to go! *you can replace food coloring with the juices from fresh/frozen fruit if you would like to make it even more natural

Only make enough for that day because it does not keep well, but it’s so easy to make that it takes no time at all to make a new batch. Hope you enjoy this easy and fun finger painting recipe, we already have made several masterpieces in our home :)

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Every parent wants the best for their children in all aspects of their lives, including the safest and healthiest products for them. So many items on the shelves are believed to be good, safe products for our children but in reality many times that is not the case. All parents have to decide what they will do about that situation, for some it could be homemade baby food, organic food, cloth diapers, all natural soaps etc. Just last week I stumbled across a new company founded by Jessica Alba (who is also the spokes person for the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families organization). The company is The Honest Company. Their products are natural, safe, eco-friendly and affordable! The bonus is that they are¬†delivered¬†right to your door! I haven’t tried the products yet, but intend to, I just want to make sure to pass on any new information I get about affordable natural products to other parents who might be interested, because if your like me I didn’t even know about this new company until someone told me. Check out Green Oklahoma‘s page for an article I have written about The Honest Company and be sure to check out the company’s website for a free trial pack and please comment any time you come across new products, let’s share the new information with each other so we can all be aware of our choices!

I can not believe that Christmas is Sunday! That got here so fast. Christmas time is where a lot of family traditions are carried out. For example, a big Christmas dinner, wrapping the gifts, making special Christmas shopping trips as a family and much more. What I didn’t realize was just how much some of our traditions impact the world around us. Think about all the special shopping trips we make instead of doing it at once, wasted food, and the trash from our gifts (packaging and gift wrap). It all adds up and it’s crazy just how much it increases just Thanksgiving to Christmas, 25% more waste! There is no need to stress or turn your back on any family traditions. If we all just make some simple adjustments then we can enjoy our family traditions each year without harming the environment. Check out my Green Holiday tips at Green Oklahoma.

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Change of Soap

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Every baby shower there is always a goodie bag of essential items like baby shampoo, bubble bath, comb, brush, etc. Baby’s have to stay clean and sweet-smelling and so it is no surprise to open up a gift that is full of the baby bath items. A very popular brand that new parents receive in these gift baskets is Johnson and Johnson. It’s been around for a long time, no tears, gentle on baby’s skin and a trusted brand, right? Well you would think that would be the case. But, there are actually two ingredients in their baby shampoo that is known to cause cancer! This is so scary! We as parents are only trying to make sure that our kids stay clean and never would have guessed that we would need to be concerned about the baby “safe” bath time products. We moms need to stick together so that we can see a change in these issues. Check out Green Oklahoma and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for more info.

20111003-150842.jpgPurses, handbags, wallets and even diaper bags are items that moms find themselves carrying around on a regular basis. When you pick out your purse or any of the other similar items I just mentioned you are probably looking for a few things. Of course you want it to be practical and have features you like such as zipper, snap, buttons or any combination. But, a big reason is obviously if we like it or not… do we think its cute, stylish and so on. Did you ever think that when picking out one of these items you would have to consider if it is toxic or not? I never thought about whether my purse was toxic until now. The purses, handbags, wallets and even diaper bags that we carry on a daily basis are now beginning to be tested for traces of lead. Lead! Isn’t that only supposed to be an issue with paint? That’s what I thought. But no, now we have to be concerned about the everyday item we have on our shoulders! I have written a post about this issue for Green Oklahoma, Toxic Purses. Check it out, you might be surprised!