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It has been a busy past few weeks. We have had family in town, my brother-in-law got married, and I started a new job. So it has been an exciting time for our family but definitely busy. Things are beginning to get to normal at our house and that is what brings me to this weeks Thankful Thursday…. I am thankful for family time!

The older Eli gets the more fun he is having with our family time. Just a few days ago we spent an evening on the back porch playing in the water. All we did was fill up a pot of water and he went to town splashing us, the dogs and himself. It was so fun seeing his excitement. Kids grow up fast, that is just the way that it is. The older the kids get the busier life seems to be, especially with school and sporting events. Right now we might think life is busy but I am sure that families who have older children will tell me that its only just beginning. One day we will have more on our schedules to work around when it comes to getting that quality family time. I just want to make sure that I treasure all of our time together, big or small…. outings to the zoo or simply watching a movie at home, every moment is a memory we are making! So I am taking today to remind myself how thankful I am for our precious family time!

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” Charles R. Swindoll, The Strong Family


My son will be six months old this week! Wow, does time fly by! He is at such a fun stage… almost sitting up on his own, two teeth have almost made their way in, and he is working on crawling. He goes in circles and backwards but has not officially crawled yet. I have so many videos of him doing nothing because I think he is about to crawl and I want to capture it. I know what will happen… he will crawl when I am not in the room or if I am, I wont have the camera on. As much as I want him to crawl, I am okay that he hasn’t. I am trying to enjoy every moment while he is little because I know how fast this time will go. One day he will be crawling and the next he will be in school. When it comes to raising children we need to take every day as a gift and enjoy each moment we have at every stage, because one day they will grow up. We can’t stop our babies from growing up, all we can do is take joy in each stage that they are in and do our best to raise them right. No my little one is not crawling yet and he is by no means anywhere near growing up and leaving home, but with each milestone he comes to I am reminded that he will not be little forever. So I am taking each milestone as a gift and treasuring each one, taking joy in my time spent with my son because one day he will grow up.