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Surrounded by Love

December 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

Christmas might be over but we are still celebrating all that this time of year can bring… family members visiting, naps in the middle of the day, snowy mornings, the glow of the fireplace,

Just a little excited to open his present!

Just a little excited to open his present!

game nights and new toys scattered about the house. Right now it is quiet in the house. Eli is taking his nap and Chase went to see The Hobbit with his parents. I gladly stayed behind to get a little “me” time. So what do I choose to do during my free time? Laundry and writing, what a good combo, right?

This Christmas was a little different though, not only was it my first one since being diagnosed but Lupus also made an appearance! That’s right, I was in a flare up! I went to bed Sunday night and tossed and turned all night aching and then Christmas Even morning my flare was in full swing. I have to say it was pretty upsetting to feel like poo during all of Christmas. I had my usual hip, knee and back pains, along with fatigue. But this flare was different, I had a new symptoms… my ankles were so achy I could barely stand to put weight on them. So with that I found myself on the couch with a heating pad around my ankles. It was definitely a little disappointing. I even got a little emotional about everything on the drive home. I didn’t want to be a downer let alone spoil anyone’s fun. But, then I think back to the last couples of days and think about how incredibly blessed I am! Not once during my flare up did I have to worry about cooking, doing the dishes or any of the clean up. The amazing women in our family took charge as I rested on the couch. And speaking of that… no one cared that I was sprawled on the living room furniture! I may have felt bad but I didn’t want to miss any of the excitement that Eli was having over his new toys! And let me tell you he was having a ball! I can still picture his face as he was opening presents!

When I think about the past few days all I feel is gratitude. I might have Lupus and sometimes it might make an appearance on a special day that I so badly wished it wouldn’t. But, my God has given me more than I could imagine! He has given me the love and support of my amazing family! I don’t have to let my bad days define me! Instead I can take joy in knowing that on those bad days God has given me people who I can turn to for help. Wow, what a blessing that is!

I am not much of a singer, I love to sing… especially when it’s only me around and I can sing as loud as I want with no shame in the notes I attempt but fail reaching. I joke around with my husband saying that there are only three people in the world who like to hear me sing: God, my son and my husband. Growing up I was one of those kids that thought they could sing. I was always in choir, I would sing in front of the church and I never once doubted my abilities, I was completely confident, until I got a little older and realized my issues with staying on key, especially singing by myself. I have been told that I have a “choir voice” because I can match my key to the voice next to me, but on my own it’s really just a lost cause. When I first realized this about myself I was a little bummed because I wanted to be able to sing beautifully, now I don’t care. If my notes aren’t perfect sorry, that’s just what you get sometimes from me. God made me this way and the awesome thing is He loves to hear me sing, pitchy and all! AND He isn’t the only one… my son lights up when I start to sing his favorite songs. I may not have the best voice but the love is there and that is what matters! So today for Worship Song Friday I am singing my heart out and not going to care if I am off tune, today I am taking inspiration from these verses that encourage our singing.

“Sing to God, sing in praise of his name, extol him who rides on the clouds; rejoice before him—his name is the Lord.” Psalm 68:4 (NIV)

“Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.” 1 Chronicles 16:9 (NIV)

“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” Psalm 104:33 (NIV)

Photo Credit: Lauri Rantala

“Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.” Psalm 100:2 (NIV) 

Has anyone heard of this band? I actually had never heard of them until today. I was going through some videos looking for a worship song for today’s post when I came across this band. I really enjoyed their sound. The song is simple and full of joy, and inspiring us to give God the praise that He deserves! Hope you enjoy!

Melody of Salvation by Benjamin Dunn and Friends

Strike the strings on my heart
And I sing your melodies
A hymn of love, songs of blood
Spilling from my mouth
All of my praises, whoa, belong to you

Whoa, whoa, whoa, oh

Pluck my heart like a harp
And sing salvation’s song
Your praises fill the air I breath
With the sweetest melodies
And all of my praises belong to you


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou

“Be joyful always” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 (NIV)

Not long ago I wrote a post about my sprained wrist. Well as an update it turns out that it is not sprained! However, don’t get to excited… the soft tissues are inflamed and I have to get my wrist adjusted for a few weeks to help heal it. The good news is that it should heal quicker than a sprain would. The only thing is I have had a hard time with my attitude about it. Whenever I am going through my day and it starts to hurt me I get really frustrated. It’s definitely an inconvenience and I have been annoyed that it has taken so long to get better. I know that is not the right attitude to have, yet I have still struggled with it. While typing this post it has given me some trouble as well. But, while typing this post I also had the song playing from a previous post, Worship Song Friday: Hold Me by Jamie Grace. Just listening to that song helped me to put my attitude in perspective. Things will be fine whether it takes a day or weeks for my wrist to heal. I am in God’s arms so why am I letting something so simple get me down? My joy does not come from the circumstances around me but from God. So when I am frustrated about my wrist or anything else that might cause my attitude to be down I am going to remind myself where my true joy comes from… God!

Crawl To Joy

July 18, 2011 — Leave a comment

 “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3 (NIV)

“May your father and mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful!” Proverbs 23:25 (NIV)

Well as you know from a post not long ago, Crawl To Patience, I have been waiting for the day Eli crawls. There is no need for me to wait any longer… He has figured it out! He does more of the army crawl, but… it is forward! Hurray!!! I actually got it on film to, can you believe it? It was a moment of pure joy watching him figure it out and move forward. Now of course there is no stopping him, he has a goal in mind and he crawls for it. It truly is the simple things in life that bring joy. I am so glad that God has blessed us with these moments. It doesn’t take much for me. His laugh, watching him crawl, watching him learn something new, watching him get excited when I come into a room, being with my wonderful husband… The list truly could go on and on. In a busy world that is on the constant go these moments of joy are reminders. They are reminding us to enjoy every moment we have and to thank God for the blessings He has given us. Now that Eli knows how to crawl there will be many more moments of joy as he explores the world moving forward!