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The Year of Pie

January 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

I absolutely love baking pies! And it goes without saying that I absolutely love eating pie!

Think about it…

Pie is just plain awesome! It brings a sense of comfort, and a comfy home feeling.

What is with all the cupcake love these days? Yes, I love a good red velvet cupcake, but it certainly doesn’t bring the nostalgia of a homemade pie! Am I right?

Look out world, I'm baking some pie!

Look out world, I’m baking some pie!

Ever since I can remember I was the kid that watched the cooking channels for all the baking shows. Besides making me crave what they were making, it would get my creative wheels turning. From then on I have had this insane desire to be an incredible baker.

I have tried my hand at baking the cool decorative cakes and cupcakes. While they turn out yummy (most of the time), they don’t always turn out pretty. Not to mention the immense frustration I get from my lack of skill with cake decorating. My kitchen ends up destroyed… flour everywhere, not a single pan clean in the kitchen and a lopsided cake that was definitely prettier in my head than on my plate.

But pie, ahhh that is another story. Last night I was creating a new recipe for my sister’s birthday and let me tell you I was loving every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my failed attempts at recipes. But that is part of getting better, you learn from experience. I just feel like I am in my element when I work with pies. Oh, did I mention the pie that I made was a mix between an Oreo pie and a french silk? I’m thinking of calling it Oreo silk, or silky Oreo…

Get ready 2014, I’m baking lots of pies this year!

I really love to bake. When I was pregnant I stopped buying packaged cookies and other desserts because I had such a sweet tooth. Instead I supplied my cabinets with all things baking. When a craving would hit I had to weigh the desire of my sweet tooth to bake from scratch. Since then I have continued with this and have grown to love baking all the more, everything truly does taste better homemade!

Like I said, I really love to bake. But, I really really hate when I mess up a recipe!

You see I am a perfectionist. When it comes to baking I not only want it to taste amazing, I want it to look picturesque too.

Unfortunately there is a learning curve with everything, including baking. And that can be frustrating.

failed baking attemptI don’t really know what it is other than that silly perfectionism within me, but there is almost a sense of embarrassment or even a hint of failure when things end up a complete wash. If you are not a perfectionist then you wouldn’t understand. For some reason I feel the need to put these crazy expectations for myself. Yes, goals are a great and much-needed thing! But, there is such a thing as impractical goals. For example, after watching a marathon of Cake Boss I was going to be able to bake a gorgeous hand decorated cake all from scratch. I mean how hard could it be to use fondant? By the way I am not a fan of fondant, forget that stuff and bring on the buttercream! So I will proudly say that I failed at baking cakes, numerous times! The cake was dry, crumbly or just plain weird tasting. The icing was runny, over sugared, or I didn’t make enough. But you know what I learned through the process?

It’s OKAY to fail! WHAT? Did I really just say that?

Yes my friends, the world won’t end! With each failed attempt I got better, learned new tricks and became a little less concerned about the perfection and a lot more about making small improvements a long the way and having fun in the process.

Funny thing is what prompted this post is my second failed attempt at making a new dessert. Remember, I am not a fan of this! In case you were wondering it really is never good to try substituting condensed milk for evaporated milk or even basic milk. Nope, it’s a really bad idea actually! Instead of amazing, melt in your mouth key lime bars you end up with chunky key lime wannabes.

It’s okay to fail. Learn from this mistake if the recipe says condensed milk, it means condensed milk! 

The world seriously doesn’t care that I made an awful dessert tonight. I find it funny that something as simple as baking dessert can remind me that I’m not perfect. I wonder what my next dessert is going to tell me?