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Our trip to California to visit my family

You might find this little known fact about me interesting.. seven years is the longest I have ever stayed in any one place (which is where we are at currently). Growing up my family moved around a lot. No, my dad was not military. He worked for a heating and air supply company that moved him around. I can honestly say that I didn’t mind the moving, I hated the process of moving all our stuff and getting settled in, but the move itself was exciting. New places, new friends and an entirely different place to call home, for a short time.


Nothing like a good horseback ride in east Texas

We typically would move about every five years, sometimes it would be less time than that. Each time that we moved my brother and I would take turns getting to pick which room we wanted, (you know siblings tend to argue and the youngest sibling-aka me-always wants whatever the older sibling picks). So to make life easier and a little more fun my mom made the rule that each time we moved one of us would get to look at the bedrooms and pick first, then the next move we would switch. Don’t ask me why this was so exciting to us but it really was! (Oh the things that will make a kid happy!)

Despite the typical sibling squabbles all the moving really did bring me, my brother and the entire family closer. Especially when we made the big move from Oklahoma to South Carolina. We knew absolutely no one so we relied on each other completely. That was one of the best moves we ever made. Yes, friendships and memories were made that will be lifelong, but the best part is our family grew together in a way that could only happen when you are in a place that you have no one else, but each other.


The house I lived in while in South Carolina. I loved this house!

For those that are curious we never made any crazy moves beside the one from Oklahoma to South Carolina, we did move through the state of Oklahoma many times though. Now you find me here, seven years in the same town! Wow, it is kind of weird! So many times when you hear of families, especially military families that have moved so often their children want to find one place and stay put. Is that the same with me? To be completely honest, no!


He’s already happy traveling! I can’t wait to take him to see the world!

I have become antsy and craving for some adventure, some travel, something out of the norm for our everyday routine. Recently I have come across an amazing blog of a family, the Dennings, that has made the choice to be world travelers, nomads if you will. What did this blog do to me? It awakened my adventurous spirit and made me dream of a day that I could take my family and travel the world! You are probably saying to yourself “this girl is crazy, doesn’t she remember the stress of moving again and again?” Why yes I do remember that, but it doesn’t make the adventure less worth it. Sometimes you have to do things a little crazy for the amazing to happen! Chase and I dream of a day that we can live abroad, teaching our kids the cultures beyond the United States, loving the people of God that we wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise. We dream of traveling even in the United States because there are adventures still to be had here. Just last night Chase and I were talking about these things and I ended the conversation saying “there are so many beautiful things God placed on this Earth that it is a waste not to see all that we can.”

Could you be a nomad?

“To the Lord your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it.” Deuteronomy 10:14 (NIV)

It’s Monday and at my house that now means Meatless Monday. What is Meatless Monday? It is a movement that pledges to eat no meat or cheese one day a week (Monday). I first heard about this when I got an email update from the Environmental Working Group, which is the site that I found all the information about safer cosmetics. What caught my attention was this statement they said, “If everyone in the U.S. ate no meat or cheese just one day a week, it would be like not driving 91 billion miles – or taking 7.6 million cars off the road.” That is amazing! The more I read, the more I liked what I was reading. The less meat you have in your diet not only the healthier you are but also it cuts your chances of chronic diseases. Think about it… there are plenty of hormones in the meat these days. I already knew this though about your health and meat, what I did not realize was the impact it had on the environment. We can cut our carbon foot print just by avoiding meat once a week and having less meat that is wasted when we cook. Fertilizer, pesticides, toxins, hormones and more are all contributing factors to the meat making process and by cutting it out once a week we help the environment. Making green choices doesn’t have to be drastic or expensive. Yes, some are. But, something as simple as one less day a week we eat meat is something we all can do. Making choices for ourselves and our families that are healthier and green is something that gets me excited and I just had to share it with you. I get excited each week to try a new recipe, last week we had tofu tacos… amazing! This week we are having tofu and artichoke hearts with pasta. What is your Meatless Monday meal?

Tofu Tacos:


Taco shells

1 Package of extra firm tofu

Taco seasoning

1 Table Spoon Olive Oil

Directions: cook tofu in olive oil about 5 minutes. Mix in taco seasoning. Garnish with your favorite taco toppings… minus the cheese!