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“My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27 (MSG) 

Don’t you just love when you are sitting in church listening to the preacher and then suddenly you feel like God says  “hey, this point is for you.” Every time that happens it always comes in loud and clear and that is exactly how last Sunday was within the first five minutes! Have you ever been praying for something and your waiting for some big gesture to happen to confirm that its God speaking to you? Well Sunday this particular point was brought to my attention… over sensationalizing God’s presence. While God can do big gestures to speak to us He doesn’t only work this way, sometimes it is something so simple yet just as real and meaningful but speaking to us just the same.

Since this has been brought to my attention I have tried very hard to be intentional about being aware of those smaller moments where God is speaking to me. He is with me everyday, I can feel His presence in my life and I just have to take a moment to see all the little things He says/does throughout the day and those moments are just as important and significant as the times when He does something “big!”

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Everyday Miracles

January 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

Yesterday at church we had a guest preacher, Dr. John Maxwell who spoke on miracles. He taught about Jesus feeding the five thousand. One of the points that he said that really stuck with me was the partnership we have to make with God for the miracle that we are needing. We tend to miss the miracles that God could do when we don’t partner with him and do our part, taking responsibility for whatever part He is asking of us so that He can perform that miracle. It’s like the boy from the story in Mark 6, he didn’t have to give up his lunch but when he did Jesus fed the five thousand. He did his part to partner with Jesus and then the miracle happened.

I also loved how in the message yesterday he said that anyone who had a problem is a candidate for a miracle. That is so awesome and something I think many of us need to hear. I think that many times we look at whatever problems we might have in our lives and we don’t count that as a need for a miracle because it’s not giant like feeding five thousand people. Any need, big or small makes for an opportunity to come to God and ask for a miracle. What we might consider small or even irrelevant is important to God. These problems that are placed before us, even the small ones, are a great way to remind us that we were never meant to do things on our own!

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I saw this video the other day and wanted to share it with everyone. Since the song Redeemer came out by Sanctus Real I have absolutely loved it, it will be stuck in my head forever after hearing it on the radio. This video is the band telling each of their stories and what the song means to them. I love the line in the song where it says “I don’t have every answer in life, but I’m trusting You one day at a time.” God provides us with what we need to make it each day, He provides the miracles we need and that is amazing!


I have seen this video a few times and each time I am brought to tears. It is the story of faith, God’s love, grace, blessings and a miracle. This family talks about the need for their daughter to have a heart transplant and how prayer and God is getting them through it all. God performs miracles every day, and we are blessed by those miracles! God is good, all the time!

A True Miracle

May 11, 2011 — Leave a comment

“He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber” Psalm 121:3 (NIV) 

“The Lord will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life” Psalm 121:7 (NIV)

Today I wanted to share a story that truly shows how God has a hand on us all and miracles truly happen…

A little over a month ago my dad’s friend was out by himself fishing at the lake. Now, I do not know every detail of the story, but I know the important facts. Somehow he happened to fall and get a sprained ankle. But this was not the end of it. No, apparently when he fell and got his sprained ankle he fell into the lake and passed out! He said that he remembers waking up wondering why he was trying to breathe in water, and then he realized that he was at the bottom of the lake! After getting himself out of the lake he noticed that he was bleeding pretty badly on his head. He couldn’t call for help because his phone which he did have on him was now at the bottom of the lake. So, he wrapped his shirt around his head and managed to hobble back to his car and drive home. His wife took him to the ER. When he fell he actually hit his head on a rock which was what caused him to pass out. He ended up with numerous stitches/staples in his head. And now… he is doing great!

When my parents told me this story I not only couldn’t believe it, but I was in awe of God. He was watching over and protecting my dads friend. How different that story could have turned out if God didn’t have a hand on our lives. We have a God who loves us, cares for us and watches over us and that is why this young man lived! God was not finished with him, He has more in store! God is good ALL the time!