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“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105 (NIV)

Lately I have changed my routine from reading my Bible before bed to now waking up early and reading it after I work out. It was a challenge making myself actually do this because I do not like getting up earlier than I have to, but I am glad that I finally did. That first week was rough. I was tired from not being used to getting up early and satan was attacking me every which way. It felt like that week I just couldn’t seem to catch a break at all. I was continually reminding myself that he was attacking me because I was doing something right, I was starting my day off with God and satan was going to do everything he could to make me stop. Wonderfully, God has also given me some good friends at work that I was able to share this with and get encouragement. He alwasy knows just what we need and who we need in our paths, it’s just amazing how He does that!

Now that I have adjusted to my new routine I find my days better, my moods better and just feel closer with God through out my day. Morning Bible studies have always been a challenge for me but something that I have felt that I should do for a while now and I am so glad that I made that change! It never fails that when we are doing something right satan will attack. Don’t let that defeat you, don’t give in! God will bless you for diligently seeking Him!

Photo Credit: Brett Jordan 


Every parent knows when I say that the life of a toddler is busy. Once my son started walking he is constantly on the go exploring everything. I love it, but I won’t lie it is also exhausting and every mom will agree. As soon as his eyes open in the morning he is ready to start the fun-filled day, in fact there are many mornings when I go into his room and he has already begun his daily adventures by throwing his socks or his Grover out of the crib. There are even some mornings when I go in there and he starts to play peek-a-boo right away or the other times when I walk in and the first thing I hear is “more” (which for him that means he is ready for breakfast). The life of a toddler is never boring and that also means that the mommy of that toddler also has a life that is never boring. Every day is filled with new adventures and new and wonderful memories!

So with that said, today on my thankful Thursday I am thankful for those cuddle bug moments! Eli is so busy playing and having adventures that when he comes over to me and crawls up in my lap for hugs I will take every minute of that cuddle bug moment and soak it up. I love that time when he is curled up in my lap sucking his thumb and just holding me, it melts my heart and makes me thankful that little boys love their mommies! What are you thankful for this Thursday?


“God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us.” 1 Corinthians 12:6 (NLT)

Today was one of those days where nothing seemed to go my way. First off I have been waiting for a phone call from a doctor that I was referred to so that I can make an appointment, well they called and I got to make my appointment…. for four months from now. That’s right you read that correctly, FOUR months! That really frustrated me and it was at the beginning of my day. When I tried to see about getting put on a cancellation list in hopes of possibly having the chance of getting an appointment sooner they proceeded to tell me that they do not have one of those lists and to just call and check in with them. Lovely, I guess I get to just call daily and ask about any cancellations.

Then, while Eli was taking his nap I got on the computer to do some work and guess what… the software I needed to use wasn’t on the computer and I thought it was. It felt like the sarcastic little cherry on top of that frustrating ice cream sundae which felt like my day. My husband assured me that this evening he would be able to put the program onto the computer which is great, it just was not what I wanted to deal with at the moment.

While these two events were not the only part of my day they were still big issues that happened that really frustrated and discouraged me. I have to just remind myself that God is in control! No matter how frustrated I get or don’t understand, He sees the big picture and everything will work out according to His awesome plan! And for those that were wondering my day did eventually get better.

Photo Credit: Becky Wetherington

Lately Eli has really started to like Yo Gabba Gabba. It’s the one show that he will actually watch. We don’t turn it on very often, but when we do he loves it. I don’t mind when we turn it on either because he is usually cuddled up next to me watching it, I love those precious moments!

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a song from Yo Gabba Gabba stuck in my head. Yesterday the episode that we watch they sang the song “Don’t say mean things to your friends.” And what did I wake up singing? That very song, yup I’m telling the truth. Any time that I tried to stop singing it I would only stop for a few seconds before the song would start back up again. Other parents will hopefully be able to appreciate this because I am sure that they have gotten songs from their kids favorite shows stuck in their heads. One of the fun things about parenting no one tells you, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I actually ended up smiling last night the longer the songs was stuck in my head. All it did was just make me think of sitting next to my sweet little boy watching a show that he loves. Again precious moments that I love! It will be fun to see what other kinds of kid songs will get stuck in my head through the years. What songs do you find yourself singing?

Photo Credit: Jeff Meyer

Eli has a cold. I woke up sick yesterday. It’s no fun feeling under the weather. These are the days that being super mom would come in handy. Being super mom with super strength to get through the day despite not feeling well. But, lets face the facts… that is just not how it works. As a mom if you don’t feel well you still work because our little ones still want to play and have fun. So while Eli is awake we play, watch movies and read books. When he is sleeping I rest, and that rest will hopefully help me be back to my normal self again soon. We don’t need super strength, just enough strength to play with our kids and then rest while they sleep.

As a kid I never thought about my mom needing a “sick day.” Now I understand just how much she did for me and my brother even when she wasn’t feeling her best, because she never stopped being our mom. I understand things much more now that I am a mom. I am thankful for all that my mom did for me growing up, especially the things I didn’t realize… like playing with me even if she didn’t feel well. It’s those kinds of memories that stick with you and you treasure. So I am not going to worry that I am not a super mom with super strength, I am just going to enjoy every minute with my son and remind myself that he will treasure these moments one day too!

Photo Credit: Zach Chisholm