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Time management. Enough said right? I have always been a person who manages their time and tasks right down to the tiniest detail, and then I became a mom and that particular quality has been challenged. I am sure you know what I am talking about right? Our jobs as mom are a 24 hour a day job, I literally can not have every moment of every day planned nor can I expect it to happen perfectly according to my agenda. Plus, I have to take a moment and look at the entire picture… yes I might need to dust, the folded laundry might need to be put away BUT my son also needs my attention as well when he is bringing me books to read or puzzles to put together. I have had to learn to “manage my time” so that those precious moments of reading books, finger painting and trips to the park don’t go missed. It can be easy to feel like we are not getting our jobs done as wife and mom when our attention is being pulled in nine million directions. But, that is not the case! Spend a little time putting laundry away and then dedicate all your attention to a fun book to read, save the dusting for another time. Not everything has to be done at once, take joy in the things accomplished in that day and not focus on the “failures” of what was not accomplished. Housework will always be there calling our names, how long will our children be little? Not long! Basically I think the biggest thing I have learned and would tell other moms experiencing this challenge is that “time management” as a mom is more about learning that not everything must be done right this second and that our children don’t stay little forever.

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If you haven’t heard of Plumb then you will really enjoy this! The song I picked today is Drifting by Plumb and she has such a great voice, it is so pure and beautiful and the lyrics are always deep. I could write a long paragraph saying how great this song is but I have actually found a trailer for the song, which is the first video you see. The trailer talks a little about what the song is about and how we are all not alone. Hope you enjoy!

Drifting by Plumb 

There’s a sea of lonely,
Swimming sad,
Looking just for
An arm to grab.
I don’t need to
I’m just lending you
The two that I have.

You might be drifting
And can’t find the shore,
So Hopeless
And all alone.
The waves are crashing
All around you.
Just when you’ve lost the will to live
You see the sun.

[Verse 2:]
Can we make a searchlight
From all the bridges that we burn?
Do you see a rescue
Or a deeper kind of hurt?
Who could love you?
Who could hold you?
I’d swim across the sea.
You don’t have to be alone
Where the shallow gets so deep.


I am hurt and nearly drown.
Open up your eyes.
I cry for help. You turn around.
Open up your eyes.
Farther from the shore,
Or you’ll be farther from the shore.
I am hurt and nearly drown.
You’re not alone.
I cry for help. You turn around.
I’m not letting go.
Farther from the shore,
So you’re not
Farther from the shore.


Eli has a cold. I woke up sick yesterday. It’s no fun feeling under the weather. These are the days that being super mom would come in handy. Being super mom with super strength to get through the day despite not feeling well. But, lets face the facts… that is just not how it works. As a mom if you don’t feel well you still work because our little ones still want to play and have fun. So while Eli is awake we play, watch movies and read books. When he is sleeping I rest, and that rest will hopefully help me be back to my normal self again soon. We don’t need super strength, just enough strength to play with our kids and then rest while they sleep.

As a kid I never thought about my mom needing a “sick day.” Now I understand just how much she did for me and my brother even when she wasn’t feeling her best, because she never stopped being our mom. I understand things much more now that I am a mom. I am thankful for all that my mom did for me growing up, especially the things I didn’t realize… like playing with me even if she didn’t feel well. It’s those kinds of memories that stick with you and you treasure. So I am not going to worry that I am not a super mom with super strength, I am just going to enjoy every minute with my son and remind myself that he will treasure these moments one day too!

Photo Credit: Zach Chisholm

Change the Cycle

January 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 (NIV) 

Today has been the day for us to get back into our usual routine after the holidays. We have either had family in town or was out-of-town ourselves. It has been a great time spending Christmas and the New Year with family, Eli even took his first steps while we were visiting Chase’s grandparents! Today while Eli took his nap I took down the Christmas decorations. Is it just me or does the house seem really empty when the tree gets put up for another year? It’s like there is a giant empty spot now in my living room that is usually there unless its December and the tree is up. As I look at that empty space I am trying to figure out what to fill it with but I know I will do what I always do… nothing and eventually it will look like normal until it is time for the tree to go up again. It’s a never-ending cycle that I am sure I am not alone in. While I am sitting here writing, something came to me about this cycle, it’s a lot like life. How so? Well if your like me there are some days where you feel like you don’t have enough minutes in the day. (I know I was that way Christmas Eve… trying to clean, wrap gifts, do laundry etc.) Then there are other days where you might find yourself with a few extra minutes. What do we do with those minutes? Turn on the tv, play on the computer, read, call someone or probably any number of other things and so we fill up that extra space of time until we are full and can move on with our day and then the cycle continues again. Today while I was thinking about all this I decided how great it would be to break that cycle! What if instead of filling up our every minute of every day we take those extra precious moments and praise God, read his word, listen to Him and even just rest… yes I said rest, sometimes resting is what we need too. It doesn’t have to take long to say a prayer or even listen to a favorite worship song. What can we teach our kids when we live our lives in a way that shows that we don’t constantly have to be entertained by something but yet using the time given to us wisely and in praise of our God!?!

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“God walks with us. He scoops us up in His arms or simply sits with us in silent strength until we cannot avoid the awesome recognition that yes, even now, He is there.” Gloria Gaither

Isn’t it funny how your child is sick, has certain symptoms but when you take them to the doctor they act fine! Friday we took Eli to the doctor. He had some congestion, a cough and battled a low fever on and off. What happens when we take him in? He is all smiles and doesn’t cough once… until we are putting him in his car seat! Why didn’t he just do one cough like that in the office? Well, needless to say he went back to the doctor today. As the weekend went on the cough has progressed and so has the snots. This time he actually coughed in the office…. wow! After two appointments, one where they finally got to hear the yucky cough we did not get any different of a diagnosis. He just caught a small virus and should be on the tail end of it and thankfully she said that all of his breathing looks and sounds good. Yay! Glad to hear that my little boy should be feeling better soon.

I don’t know about how things are around your place when one of your little ones isn’t feeling good. For us it has been a lot of naps, cuddling up on the couch and taking it easy. There is no question if Eli isn’t feeling well when he curls up on our laps and sits sucking his thumb content. Normally he is on the move, constantly playing, so that was for sure not his normal and we knew he wasn’t feeling himself. Both Chase and I agree though, we will take the cuddles when we can get them. Yesterday evening Eli cuddled up and took a nap in Chase’s arms. Simply precious! It really did melt my heart to look over and see father and son cuddling up. Sometimes when kiddos don’t feel so good all they want is mommy or daddy to hold them, it makes everything all better again. The same goes for God. Things are always better when He holds us. Doesn’t necessarily mean circumstances change, just like a baby who is sick isn’t automatically well just by being in a parents arms. Things don’t have to be magically fixed for us to just feel better, comforted. Living life in God’s hands is always better than living on our own!