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Table Tantrums

July 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

Every parent book out there will tell you that the secret to raising a child is consistency. I would have to agree with this statement. BUT, there are some cases where it feels like no matter the consistency, your child is just NOT going to learn anything from the situation and your efforts are completely hopeless. This was such the case last night at our house. It was time for dinner and Eli came running up to the tabel exciteed for his meal. We sit him in his chair put his plate in front of him and immeiately began the tantrum! I made something new for dinner but I had intentionally put sides of potatoes and carrots on his plate, which he normally loves. Every word from his mouth was “no!” He pushed his plate away, we scooted it back, he pushed it away… this was an ongoing process. Throwing the food to the dogs was his next step in his plan of action. Now I don’t know about you but I was completely at a loss, my child has never been a picky eater. I have never dealt with him completely refusing to even try one bite! I had always said that I didn’t want to be a short order cook and make several different meals every night to meet everyone’s taste buds in the house, the kids didn’t have to like what I make but they had to at least try it. Sounded real good before I had any kids… now it’s finally the current chapter in my book. Everything is always easier when you are not facing the situation at the time! So what’s a parent to do when your toddler refuses to even taste dinner? Consistency… right? That’s what everyone will tell you but sometimes it’s just hard when they are in the midst of a tantrum and you are thinking to yourself… is he even learning anything from this? Yes, after an hour Eli did eventually try his dinner after my attempt to dip his potato in ketchup (which grossed me out because I can not stand ketchup, but hey, he tried it!) Whether you have a child that is grown or a newborn, as parents we have all faced or will face nights like these. So remember… while consistency is the key so is supporting each other along our journey in parenthood!

Top 10: Favorite Food

February 13, 2012 — Leave a comment
I heard so many stories of children who were either picky eaters or never wanted to eat their vegetables. I am so thankful that my little one not only loves his veggies but he actually enjoys them more than fruit! Parenting has no road map and every child is different so you never know what kind of eater you will get. Here is my top 10 list of foods that I never thought my child would love but does!
  1. Avocado 
  2. Squash
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Almond milk
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Kale
  7. Prune juice
  8. Peas
  9. Broccoli
  10. Bell pepper

What food does your child love that you never thought they would?

Photo Credit: Naotake Murayama

“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” Jim Davis


I know a big concern for me as a mom is making sure that my son gets the right nutrition he needs. I have been lucky so far, Eli loves vegetables more than any other food! Seriously! He will eat veggies over fruit any day. I know that is rare and I am so thankful that getting him to eat his veggies is not a difficult task in our house. But, for those who have veggie hating kiddos, don’t give up! I have a lot of friends whose children have learned to love their veggies the more times they get them to try it. There was also a little secret that I learned from a few friends and that is masking the veggies. If they can’t see them then they wont know they are there, right? It’s true! That is one reason why I loved the quote from above, it made me laugh because it is true. Even though Eli loves his veggies we have still made some meals with a certain veggie in it and he ate it as if it wasn’t any different. The same is also true for my husband. He was never really a big vegetable eater growing up, he liked corn and green beans. After becoming vegetarians he didn’t have a choice, he couldn’t just live off of those two vegetables for the rest of his life. He has actually learned to love all kinds of vegetables that he never thought he would have. Most the time now when I make a meal he doesn’t ask what it is until after he has eaten it and decides if he likes it, then he asks what it was. So far, it has worked great!

Two meals I can think of in particular are homemade “meatloaf” and sweet potato pancakes. The meatloaf was a bean,rice and carrot meal that was shaped and tasted like a real meatloaf. Sweet potato pancakes are just that, sweet! Just add one mashed sweet potato and a teaspoon of nutmeg to your pancake batter, it’s as easy as that! Eli loved both meals and so did my husband! When we ate these two different meals they had seconds both times. I know that I don’t have experience yet with an older child refusing to eat something, but it never hurts to share ideas. When I hear of a good idea I love just passing it along to more moms, after all we are supposed to be supporting each other! One day I might have to be asking for more tips for picky eaters but either way, my friends will be there to give me tips that have worked for them!